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Blast Knuckles Stun Guns

You have to take preventative security measures beforehand to feel safe when walking on a poorly lit street, in unfamiliar and dangerous neighborhoods. We suggest you buy blast-knuckles at our store.
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Knuckle stun gun

It is an effective and user-friendly self-defense weapon. This stun gun has a unique patented design duplicating the shape of knuckles ensuring firm grip. It does not slip because of its rubberized body. The power of your punch is multiplied by the electric jolt power when you fight back the assailant with this tool.

It comes with two removable lithium batteries and a storage case. We offer this unique self-defense weapon in Black and Pink.

Do not delay the purchase of the blast-knuckles at a very special price. We ship the same day you place an order. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your payment!

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