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Personal defense spray is one of the most popular self-defense tools in the world. It can protect you from being attacked by human or vicious animals. What is a pepper spray? It is a compressed chemical agent inside the canister with a spray nozzle on the top. When sprayed, it causes temporary burning pain, eyelids swelling, blinding effect and excessive tears. Sometimes it can also trigger shortness of breath.  Burning sensation and impetuous coughing disorients the attacker and prevents further chasing and attempts to assault.  The pepper spray effect may last for 30 minutes or more. It does not really matter how big and strong the attacker is. The pepper spray is always effective.

Capsaicin is an active ingredient in pepper spray. It is derived from chili peppers. Liquid content of the pepper spray is not toxic and generally is non- flammable. The self-defense spray is also a non-lethal method of protection. The pepper spray can shoot up to 10 feet. Please choose the pepper spray with the longest spraying distance to keep the attacker as far away from you as possible.

The pepper spray was designed as a no brainer self-defense tool applicable in any situation. Majority of the pepper spray models feature a security mechanism that prevents accidental pepper spray discharge. Pepper spray for women usually comes in smaller canister sizes so it can be placed in a women’s purse. Pepper spray capable of producing multiple shots is really desirable, as it makes you a more confident user. In case you miss your target in the first time you will have more chances to hit them using multiple shot capacity of your pepper spray.   

Pepper spray and pepper foam are used by military, Police, and civilians. They come in all sorts of models, colors, and sizes. Anybody who is concerned of his/her safety is able to find the pepper spray that meets their needs.

You can find a variety of pepper spray for sale online in this department of our store. They are produced by leading manufacturers in the self-defense industry. You can choose from a variety of unisex devices in different sizes and colors. You can also purchase small pepper sprays disguised as lipsticks. The manufacturers were thinking about women when they came up with this design. We also offer pink pepper spray holsters with crystals. You can carry light weight and compact size pepper sprays in a purse, pocket or even keep it in a glove compartment.

Almost all pepper sprays listed in the category come with a case, a small convenient holster and can be attached to a belt, purse or even mobile phone with ease. It lets you pull the canister out in as short a time as possible when under attack. You can buy cheap pepper spray at just $5–7. Don’t save on your security. Do not procrastinate with your purchase. Place a pepper spray order on ZigZagMart right now! Go ahead and order personal defense pepper spray at our store. We ship the same day you place an order.  

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