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Taser stun guns

A taser gun provides extra safety in comparison with other self-defense weapons. It is an electroshock weapon that allows you to confront the attacker avoiding direct contact with him. If chase takes place it is the best tool to get the assailant down.
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Taser stun guns

The taser gun was designed to provide non-lethal defense with full control of the situation when under attack.  This easy-to-use tool is battery powered. It is legal in the majority of states. Even a mini taser gun proved to be highly effective. The Taser shoots out two sharp probes  with small barbs at the enemy. The probes grab onto attacker’s closing. They penetrate through the thickest fabric even leather clothes and boots.

A flashlight taser gun is capable of delivering a powerful electroshock 15 feet away. 50,000 Volts of current transmitted at the speed of 1300 feet per second travel to the attacker through the insulated wires that stay attached to the TASER housing. When the taser is discharged the attacker loses body coordination and experiences muscle control disruption. The state of shock caused by an immensely painful discharge provokes temporary neuromuscular incapacitation immobilizing the attacker and giving you time to call the Police and run away.

A taser gun is widely used both by law enforcement and civilians especially women, as they are more often targeted by criminals. Take care of yourself, follow simple safety rules, and avoid dangerous places. Please check the host of self-protection devices out on our web-site and choose from highly ranked and comparatively cheap Tasers for sale to ensure your personal security.

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