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Stun gun are your best choice for simple, effective, non-lethal self-defense in a modern world. These self-protection devices are usually small and do not attract any unwanted attention. They provide you with confidence and real protection no matter where you are.
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Stun gun

When crime is on the rise safety concerns become a priority for everyone and people take different steps to protect themselves. Many take martial arts or self-defense classes. We do not want to downplay the importance of the classes,  but based on our experience it always makes sense to  have some kind of a self-defense product in addition to self-defense skills, you never know how big and strong the attacker you have to confront may be.

The stun guns presented in this store category have a sleek design, a comfortable grip, and a sturdy body. All the above perfections make your purchase undoubtedly superb. We are excited to offer stun gun with hot pink metal bodies ornamented specifically for women. The stun gun look like cell phones which disorient your assailant as he does not expect to get defeated with a communication tool. The stun guns you see here can also be used as protection from vicious dogs.

How does a stun gun?

Classical stun guns, tasers and stun batons are the most popular self-defense products we are excited to offer you. All of them are hand-held and easy to use.  So how do they work? The stun gun is a rather uncomplicated battery-powered device. The device has a circuit which has a number of transformers in it, the battery drives power throughout the circuit causing an increase in the voltage within this circuit. This power is driven to an oscillator which delivers an alternating current (AC); this current fluctuates until a correct amperage is reached. This current now goes to the capacitor where charge is built up and released into the electrodes. When you plunge the stun gun into your attacker’s body, his body fills the gap between the electrodes allowing electric current to flow into the attacker’s system even down to the central nervous system.

Stun guns for sale

Police stun guns work the exact same way as described above. Quite often police officers use a tactical aluminum rechargeable stun gun featuring extended operational time and a powerful jolt. Our website,, is a reliable stun gun supplier. You will find a wide variety of stun guns for sale on our here: rechargeable stun guns, stun batons, the ZAP stun guns wholesale and retail and many others. It should be noted that all stun guns are offered at extremely competitive prices in comparison with our competitors.

When you make a decision to buy a stun gun do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We encourage you to go thru our FAQ page to learn more about stun guns.  If you are a retailer and may be interested in buying the best stun guns wholesale in USA go ahead and register as a wholesale buyer to get access to our wholesale prices

This website offers you the stun guns for sale as you need not need to worry about their prices. The stun gun prices were made affordable to you. This is the right time to buy a stun gun. Do not wait until it is late. Just buy the most powerful stun gun and have peace of mind.

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