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Flashlight Stun Guns

This page offers you the best weapon for self-defense. To start with, this page gives you the stun gun as your basic weapon for being protected. It may be basic and the features are basic but it helps on your safety. The next is the stun gun flashlight. This is the most used weapon for self-defense. This is the widely used weapon for the policeman as well. Though, policemen use this, they are also using the tactical stun flashlight. They can trick or catch the criminal by the use of this weapon as well as the stun gun flashlight. So it means that those self-defense flashlights are of great use to most people. It is good to know that a self-defense flashlight can also be the rechargeable stun gun flashlight. It is very convenient to use provided you are sure that it is always fully-charged upon using it so there will be no problem.
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Rechargeable stun gun flashlight

A flashlight stun gun is an electroshock self – defense weapon that can also function as a regular flashlight or to be used as a distress signal. You can use this product as a tool to grab people’s attention when you find yourself in trouble. It can also be equipped with an ear-piercing alarm. This life-saving gadget that looks like a regular flashlight can be discreetly kept in a purse, pocket or at home. As they say, it is better to feel safe than sorry. We believe a stun gun can be very useful in everyday life. Please check whether optional accessories like holsters or wrist straps are available for the model you are considering to buy. A flashlight stun gun generates a very powerful light beam. It can be used not just to light up a large area ahead of you, but also to blind the assailant when you are under attack.

A stun gun can be operated with ease. It is powered by a rechargeable battery.  It can range from a small pocket – sized flashlight to a massive weapon that can be used in military operations. The safety switch is usually located on the bottom of the flashlight.  A stun gun serves as a regular flashlight until you activate its stun function. Millions of Volts of current immobilize the adversary. They lose coordination, muscle control, and experience mental devastation. The above effects give you time to escape. The flashlight stun guns are legal in the majority of states. They are widely used providing highly effective non-lethal self-defense to their owners.

Who should buy a flashlight stun gun?

If you work late at night, or leave your house before dawn, or live in a remote place, or you are simply concerned of your security please beef it up. Please consider buying a compact self-defense device that can be easily kept in a purse or go for big and powerful tool. Our customers get access to deeply discounted flashlight stun gun wholesale offers. If you are not interested in buying wholesale we assure you that we have the most competitive retail pricing as well.

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