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Small Taser Guns

A wide assortment of mini taser guns is presented in this section of our catalogue. Despite of their compact dimensions, these models are highly effective. By using these devices, you will be able to resist the attacker regardless of their body weight. A small taser gun, you can hold in the hand inconspicuously, is misleading to an offender, making them think, that the victim is unarmed. A powerful electric discharge produced by a stun gun looking like an MP3-player, cellphone or a different kind of gizmo, instantly affects the attacker, causes muscle spasm, a state of shock and even makes them unconscious for a few minutes. These few extra minutes will give you a chance to escape from the incident site and request assistance from authorities.
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Mini taser guns

Mini taser guns used for self-defense are very easy to operate as they are light and small. They comfortably fit in a pocket or purse. A built-in rechargeable battery makes it possible to use the device for a long time without frequent recharging. Almost all models presented in the catalogue are equipped with a flashlight which not only illuminates the way in the dark but can also blind an adversary with a powerful light beam.

Are you trying to find cheap tasers either for you or your relatives? In this case we urge you to pay close attention to the models presented in our online store. We assure you that you will be extremely satisfied with a wide assortment and very reasonable prices for the models that meet your needs

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