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Pepper Spray for Ladies

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Women often become abuse and robbery victims as they are not able to fend off male attackers who are superior to them in height and weight. As the police statistics show women are getting attacked not only in dark lanes and poorly-lit streets. Crimes usually take place close to victims’ places of residence, when they are on their way back home staying off-guard.

Reliable self-defense weapons are a must to be able to protect yourself, and to rebut the assailant.  Pepper spray for women belongs to the arsenal of the self-defense weapons we highly recommend to own. Let its refined design not mislead you; they are able to bring the attacker down in no time.  Pepper spray for ladies is effective and easy to use. It paralyzes the attacker no matter how high or heavy he is.  The active agent pressurized in the canister causes sharp pain, lacrimation, mucous membrane intense itching, throat itching, shortness of breath.  The pepper spray effect can last up to 30-60 minutes, giving you enough time to leave the crime scene and call the police.

We urge you to buy pepper spray for girls right away to feel safe and do not worry about the security of your kids. Stylish case and bright color make this self-defense tool a fancy accessory, which can potentially save your live.

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