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Cell Phone Stun Guns

A cell phone stun gun looks like a regular cell phone. However, this self-defense tool is capable of protecting you when necessary. There are so many cell phone designs available these days. The stun gun industry follows the trend and offers cell phone stun guns in numerous shapes and sizes.
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How do you choose?

1. Please pay attention to the design and pick one to your liking. You can choose between regular looking cell phone stun gun, smart phone stun gun, and iPhone style stun gun.

2. The battery type is next criteria.   The cell phone stun guns can come with either built-in or removable batteries. We strongly recommend built-in batteries because when you go for built-in batteries you do not have to deal with broken battery door and you don’t let in dust and humid inside your cell phone stun gun.

3. Price is one of the most important factors when you make any purchase. We care about your budget; therefore we provide the most competitive pricing on all our products including cell phone stun guns.

A countless variety of self-defense products are offered at present. A special place among those products belongs to a mobile phone stun gun. The attacker can be taken aback by its original design. The surprise factor gives a victim time to flee the crime scene. In spite of its compact size, the mobile phone style stun gun can strike a very powerful blow which can paralyze the attacker. This self-defense device is also equipped with a bright LED flashlight.

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