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Mini Stun Guns

Mini stun guns are the real godsend for tourists, drivers, and of course, women. They can easily fit into a purse or pocket because of their compact dimensions. Every compact stun gun has a powerful built-in flashlight. These stun guns can be easily mistaken for regular flashlights.
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Compact stun gun

How hard is it to operate the stun gun? If you need to activate the stun gun, all you need to do is to put the safety switch in the on position and press down on a round button with your thumb. When you need to switch the stun gun off, you just need to take away the thumb from the button. As simple as that! Please note the discharge can get through 1-1/2” thick clothing.

We have a special offer for women - mini stun guns in Pink and White. We state that size matters to.

In spite of their compact dimensions, the smallest stun guns can damage the assailant for a while. The jolts produced by stun guns are powerful enough to immobilize the attacker, and bring him down so the victim can flee the crime scene.

We stand by the smallest stun guns offered for sale at our store. We are positive they will become your best self-defense weapons. If you have any questions relating to the stun guns we offer, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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