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Stun Batons

A stun baton is a two-in-one tool providing an improved self-defense experience. It works the exact same way as many other stun guns, but this product lets you stay at a safe distance from the attacker before you press down on the trigger to activate the stun gun.  A baton gives you an additional level of security because it can also be used as a striking weapon. When discharged the baton makes a loud cracking sound that is enough to stop an attacker in many different scenarios.  If the sound alone does not help, you can deliver a blow and stun the attacker at the same time. The ultra - bright flashlight will temporarily blind and disorient the assailant, giving you a moment to deliver a blow with a baton and administer shock to paralyze assailant’s body.
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Stun stick

The stun batons are usually longer and bigger than ordinary stun guns but they are still quite light and can be comfortably kept in a bag or in a car. If an attacker tries to take the stun baton from you and grabs on to the baton he will be shocked with a powerful jolt.  The baton creates a safe personal space around you. All stun batons are equipped with a safety switch to prevent an accidental discharge.  When you find yourself alone in a dangerous location, make sure the safety switch is always in the on position. The next step is to press on the trigger to produce a jolt.

Stun baton for sale

A variety of stun batons are offered for sale on our web site. If you are over 18 years old, and you are not a felon you should be able to buy stun baton on ZigZagMart. Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to check if they comply with all federal, state and local laws when purchasing a stun baton flashlight.   

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