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Privacy Notice

At, protecting your privacy and confidentiality is our main concern, we make certain that your presence online is secured. This notice is to enlighten you about our various services and online information procedures. In light of this, you will be familiar with our policy and the various options you can go for on how your information is collected and utilized. Anytime our privacy policy is updated, we ensure that the revised version is published on this page. However, please note that it is at our discretion to update our policy on privacy at any point in time.

Information Collected

There are various methods by which your personal information can be collected on Being in possession of this information will assist us in providing you with a bespoke and a top notch experience. Efficiency is guaranteed. Your personal information will make the following possible:

·         You will have easier access to this site since you will not be required to input your details more than once.

·         You will also be able to get information and description of our various products and services faster.

·         It will make it easier for us to determine relevant information to publish on our website.

·         You will be able to get first-hand information on our latest products and services.

We will require details like your name, email address, phone number, credit card number, shipping, and billing addresses anytime you buy anything from These details will help us in processing your bill. You can be rest assured that your details are safe with us, we take confidentiality issues serious. No third party will have access to your personal information except on your approval, for example, when you want to ship an order.

Information Use

We require you to provide us with your personal information to help us:

·         Register  you as a member of

·         Deliver your products and services purchased from our site.

·         Protect you from internet fraud and bill you appropriately for all your purchases

·         Confirm your orders accordingly.

·         Respond to your customer-service inquiries or requests

·         Introduce you to great valued and featured items.

·         Identify your needs and provide you with the right products to satisfy these needs.

·         Make your shopping experience special


We ensure that your personal information with us is encrypted and is encoded for security purpose before it is sent over the Internet using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Using our data encryption technology, we make sure that every part of your personal information such as your address, telephone number, or EIN number, account number and every of other relevant details that can be linked to you is secured any time you are visiting our website

Although, this protection is applicable to the areas mentioned above, but it is not limited to areas like your online ordering or your order status. However, on occasional cases, our employees may require access to your personal information to be able to carry out a particular job, on such cases, access is granted. Other than this, any access to your personal information is restricted. There are some links to other third party websites on Although, we are not responsible for any publication or privacy procedures on these websites. Before visiting these websites, it is advisable for you to go through their privacy policies to avoid future problems regarding your personal information.


Cookies are basically small pieces of data that are sent from a website and stored in your web browser. This technology is essentially used to identify users and be able to provide them with customized web pages when they are visiting a website. The common function of cookies on these websites is to store login information so that the next time you visit such website, you might not need to log in at all. Most sites will send cookies to your address, these cookies will contain the exact location you have chosen and will also indicate whether or not you have selected the on-line settings option for visiting their website. Credit card numbers, street addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or names in cookies located on any gadget you are using the internet on are not stored by these sites. In order to be true to our commitment of offering you the best customer service, we will ask you to provide some information on your visit to our website. Most of the time, we collate these data to assist us in evaluating trends and statistics of our visitors. This will help us in identifying their various needs and provide them with relevant information. Although, in the process of evaluating our visitor’s activities on our site, we make sure their personal information are kept unidentifiable.

Updates to This Policy

You will always have access to the latest on our products and services. You will also be up to date on the kind of information we require, make use of and disclose. Every time, we make a change to our privacy policy, the updated version stating the changes made will be published on this site. It is always advisable that you check for such updates on your site frequently so that you will not be uninformed about our new Privacy Policy updates. Feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding our Privacy Policy.

Questions & Feedback

We will be delighted to answer every of your question regarding our policy. Your honest comments and feedback are also welcomed.

Do you have any question? Please contact us.

 Choice and Opt-Out

In a situation where you are not interested in receiving emails from our website, you can unsubscribe by following the instructions included in each our emails or contact us contact our customer service.



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