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Cheap stun guns for sale

Cheap stun guns are the best choice for anybody under the Sun. Everybody thinking about safety is on the lookout for a compact, reliable and effective stun gun model. You can choose stun guns of various sizes, designs and capacities on ZigZagMart. Our special for women is an assortment of cheap stun guns in Pink and animal print color scheme.  It is true that a powerful self-defense tool concealed under the guise of a stylish accessory can save your life under adversity and don’t break the bank.

How does it work?

The stun gun works by striking the opponent with a discharge. Electric current is fed to electrodes.  When the electrodes of activated stun gun are pressed against assailant’s body they suddenly experience a knockout blow which leads to all-powerful pain shock, therefore the assailant cannot resist, falls down and sometimes loses consciousness.  You can find cheap stun guns for sale under $15 here. They will get the job done and keep you protected under any circumstances.

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