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Disguised Stun Guns

Majority of self-defense weapons have overwhelming, intimidating and masculine design that it makes them frightening to carry or even look at. This is the most common reason why lots of people especially, women do not want to bring one around. However, the design of a self-defense weapon should not hinder your to keep yourself protected and lessen the chances of successful criminal act against you. That is what disguised stun guns are all about. They come in different designs such as flashlight, perfume bottle, tube of lipstick, and many more. These stun guns also come in cell phone stun guns design, which is one of the best disguised that you can have for a stun gun, no one would ever think that you are carrying one.
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Disguised Stun Gun

Stun guns might be designed differently but their functionality is just the same as the usual ones, they are still non-lethal weapon that provides electric charge whenever needed for self- protection. If you are looking for a unique and highly effective self-defense weapon, then these disguised stun guns are the best for you.

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