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Pen Stun Guns

You can find the pen stun gun for sale at a very attractive price in this category of ZigZagMart. We offer the same day shipping for orders placed before 4 pm EST. If you do not like what you get you can return it within 60 days and get a 100% refund. Don’t forget to take a peek at the very attractive pricing for the stun batons we offer.
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Pen stun gun for sale

The pen stun gun produced under the Streetwise brand name is a cutting edge product.  Many modern and effective self-defense weapons are produced under this brand.

The Lightning Rod 2500000 Rechargeable Stun Pen in Black outstands with a compact body frame. Its length is 6-1/2” shorter than the length of similar models. Because of its compact size, the device is easily placed in the palm of your hand which makes it easy to use and store. The Streetwise pen stun gun comes with a nylon holster that can be affixed to the belt. You can easily pull the stun gun out of this holster when a need arises.

The manufacturer states that this stun gun is as effective as other stun guns claiming to be 2,500, 000 Volts. The jolt of this power can strike the attacker immediately causing muscle spasm, and can sometimes even lead to unconsciousness. A powerful built-in LED flashlight not only illuminates your way in a dark lane, but it also blinds and disorients the attacker so a potential victim has ample time to leave the crime scene.

The Lightning Rod 2500000 model has a high – capacity built-in battery. This allows the user to not only save money on having to buy new batteries, but also to use the stun gun for a long period of time without needing to recharge the battery.

A sturdy metal body extends its life span and prevents possible mechanical damages from fall.

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