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Streetwise Fashion Model Pepper Spray 23 Pink & White

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Self-Defense Laws

Pepper Spray

● Safety Lock
● Key Ring Attachment 
● Sprays From Inside the Case
● Certified by the Independent Laboratory 
● Derived From Over 5 Million SHU**
● 87% Stronger than Competing Brands
● Wards off an attacker instantly
● Debilitates for Approximately 45 Minutes
● UV Marking Dye
● Warranty: 1 year for canister and nozzle, until expiration date for pepper spray

Independent Laboratory Testing

The Certified Heat Rating (CHR) test has been an efficient technique in determining the magnitude of the heat of the pepper felt by your attacker when it is sprayed on him. While other brands are claiming to be the best, we suggest that you trust a brand that goes through the recommended procedure of testing the heat of the pepper once it is sprayed out of the container. As a matter of fact, this brand carries out this test in the independent laboratory. 

With a CHR of over 230,000, Streetwise 23 Pepper Spray maintains it position as one of the best pepper sprays available. It is very effective and the hottest pepper spray out there in the market. Tests were carried out between Streetwise 23 and products of other competing brands. Results from the independent laboratory showed that the products of these brands had an average heat rating of just 123,000 SHU; and with Streetwise 23 heat rating being over 230,000, Streetwise 23 is approximately 87% hotter than the competing products.

Our products are very effective. Without instigating any permanent injury on your attacker, It can leave your attacker debilitated for approximately 45 minutes.

When it comes to efficiency, our brand always stands out. Unlike other brands that base their marketing claims on exaggeration, we base ours on facts. These facts are in the results of the test carried out by the independent laboratory, which is the only efficient way of determining the effectiveness of a pepper spray.

Our slogan "Protecting What Matters Most" is not just a slogan, it means way more than that. Times when you need protection for what matters most to you, we are dedicated to offer you the best when it comes to top-notch self-defense pepper spray.

*Our pepper spray is certified by the independent laboratory (Chromtec LLC). For over 4 decades, this laboratory has been used by the US government and other manufacturers of pepper spray. We will tender this certificate upon request. 

**In order to enhance our CHR to over 230,000, we added a little quantity of pure capsaicin (which is well over 5,000,000 SHU).

Pepper Spray

1/2 oz. Streetwise 23 Pepper Spray
Soft Case with attached Key Clip, Pink & Black Zebra
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Streetwise Fashion Model Pepper Spray 23 Pink & White
This item: Streetwise Fashion Model Pepper Spray 23 Pink & White
Model: 23  |  SKU: ZZSW3MPWZ23

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