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Cheetah OC18 Keychain Pepper Spray w/ Black Holster


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Self-Defense Laws

Cheetah Pepper Spray contains an 18% solution of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), guaranteed to incapacitate your attacker for up to 30 minutes with no permanent damage. It also includes a UV dye, for identification purposes after the attack and successful defense! How potent is the 18% solution of OC?

How about 2 million Scoville Heat Units potent? You can be sure your attacker will be clutching at his or her eyes, instead of making a grab for you or your purse, and he will stay that way for up to 30 minutes!

This pepper spray can shoot up to 12 feet away and contains a full half ounce of spray—enough spray for multiple shots if you have multiple attackers. You can activate the pepper spray easily, by just sliding the flat red tab to the right so it aligns with the small cut-out on the black cap.

It’s easy to use with only one hand, so if your attacker has already gotten close enough to make a grab at you, you can still readily defend yourself. The holster features a keychain, so you can always be sure the pepper spray is close at hand and ready for use.

This product contains no HCFC or CFC (freons), so it is safe to use without worry of permanent damage to your assailant. Proudly made in the USA!

1/2 oz. Cheetah Pepper Spray
Soft Black Case with attached Key Clip
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