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ZigZagMart Pepper Sprays – The Gift that keeps on giving

ZigZagMart Pepper Sprays – The Gift that keeps on giving

There are many times in life when a special occasion is coming and you do not have any idea on what to get to give to your loved ones as present. First, you have to consider their interests. However, for all the occasions that passed, it is highly likely that you have given them everything that you can possibly give that is for their hobbies. You also have to consider your budget. How much can you spend? As a follow up question, will the gift be worth its price? If you haven’t done it yet, then it is time to give them a life-saving gift – pepper spray.

Pepper Spray – OK!

While some people feel safe when they carry a gun or other fatal weapon, many others prefer to simply defend themselves than to cause long-term harm or even fatality to other people. Even though attackers do not actually deserve mercy most often when they intend and tried to harm innocent, unsuspecting people, some people believe that there are other ways to teach attackers a lesson. Therefore, temporarily incapacitating attackers with stun guns and pepper sprays is a popular strategy especially among women.

Pepper spray for ladies is very popular because they can carry it everywhere they go. It easily fits in a purse, in pocket, and in the dash board of a car. It adds the element of surprise in defense strategy. Even though it is not lethal, it is still powerful enough to incapacitate an attacker and give you enough time to run away or to call for help. It targets the attacker’s eyes, throat, nose, and lungs.

Choose your Pepper Spray

There are many pepper sprays available in ZigZagMart – all efficient and affordable especially when considering that lives are at stake. Here are some of the most popular pepper spray choices among ladies.

Streetwise Pink and White Fashion Pepper Spray. It has a safety lock that makes sure that you will not accidentally press and release. Therefore, it keeps you safe not just by using this pepper spray but also for not using it accidentally. Aside from its function, you will also love its style especially if you love the girly or feminine look. It looks cute so its looks also add to the element of surprise which is a major factor in self defense.

Silver Heart Lipstick Pepper Spray. This is a pepper spray for ladies with distinct sense of style. This Police Magnum spray is one of the most popular pepper sprays not only in ZigZagMart but in the market in general. It has UV identifying dye, can send off multiple blasts, and it can be operated with just one hand. It will protect your loved ones from muggers, rapists, car jackers, and even vicious animals.

Lab Certified Pink Perfume Pepper Spray. This may look like a small spray bottle of perfume but it can actually incapacitate an attacker for almost 50 minutes.

Make the right choice and save your loved ones’ lives with pepper spray for ladies!

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