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The Talk – Stun Gun VS Pepper Spray

The Talk – Stun Gun VS Pepper Spray

There is no doubt that you need to protect your life as well as your loved ones’ life. With different ways of how to protect it, you may have a hard time choosing. Your choices include hiring a personal bodyguard or even an army of them, you can get a gun, although it may not be legal in some states, you can train to get a black belt, or you can get something in shorter time, easier, and more affordable – stun guns and pepper spray.

Now that’s one of the toughest decisions to make – which one is better?

There are different factors to consider in choosing between stun guns and pepper sprays. These factors can help you decide which mode of self-defence is perfect for you.

  • If the price is right. Between the two, pepper sprays are more affordable. Usually, they cost you about $35 at most while stun guns can cost up to $60. However, there are also cheap stun guns that you can get in Zigzagmart for as low as $7.99 such as the Terminator Stun Gun. You just need to know where to find the cheapest options that do not compromise efficiency.
  • Time is gold. Finding a high quality, durable stun gun is very important because that would determine how long you will be able to use it. The problem with pepper sprays is that they have expiration dates. No matter if you haven’t used it at all, it will lose its potency.
  • Defense is the best offense. With pepper spray, your attacker is stopped as they become momentarily blinded and as they are thrown into pits of coughs. On the other hand, stun guns such as the Pink Gladiator Stun Gun target your attacker’s muscle, causing momentary paralysis and disorientation. When you use it on your attacker, you will have enough time to run away or call other people or the authorities for help.
  • Law and order. Pepper Spray is allowed in more states and cities even though there are some restrictions for it in particular places. Stun guns are legal in lesser places but such laws are dynamic and there are people who continuously appeal for its legalization. However, the problem with pepper sprays is that there are people who are immune to its effects. Therefore, your safety is not entirely guaranteed though there is still a high percentage of protection.
  • Total Protection. When you use a stun gun like Terminator Cellphone Stun Gun, its shock does not transmit to you even when you touch your attacker. With pepper sprays, you may suffer just what your attacker suffers because you may get a whiff of the spray. Therefore, you also get the risk of being momentarily blinded, putting your life at even more risk.

These are just some of the things that you need to remember when making a choice between a stun gun and a pepper spray. You need to get to know the features of each self-defense device so you can make a wise decision.

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