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How to choose Stun Gun?

How to choose Stun Gun?

In today’s world, it makes sense for everybody to take care of their self-defense needs. There are different ways to of protecting yourself from a malefactor, however, the most obvious and affordable way is to buy a stun gun. A light, compact, functional stun gun will easily fit even into a woman’s purse.

Here are the advantages of owning a stun gun:
  • You do not need to have a concealed carry permit to purchase and carry a stun gun in most states
  • Compact size allows carrying a stun gun hassle free
  • High effectiveness and reliability
  • Ability to ward off both thugs and stray dogs
  • When using a stun gun, you do not leave any marks on clothing
  • Ability to bring psychological influence on the attacker, using the ear-piercing alarm and the ultra- bright
  • light
  • No expenses related to use and maintenance
  • Main Stun Gun Types

    Nowadays, there are lots of different kinds of stun guns that can save your life and preserve your well - being by inflicting serious pain to an assailant. Below are the most common types of stun guns:

    1. Disguised Stun Guns That Look Like Cell Phones, Lipstick, Pens etc.

    Stun Gun

    These stun guns look like regular items we use in our everyday lives; therefore, they lull the vigilance of a potential attacker. They are compact, functional, and aesthetic. In case of any danger, this taser can be pulled out of a pocket easily and can be fired by activating a safety switch and pressing down on the trigger

    2. Stun Batons

    Stun Batons

    The stun guns belonging to this class feature a powerful electrical discharge and a terrifying electrical sound. Their length ranges from 14” to 25”. It is possible to bring down the assailant from a distance with the help of these self-defense weapons. These are the advantages of stun batons: adjustable length, rechargeable batteries, blinding LED flashlight, which serves both as a source of light and as an extra self-defense tool. Stun batons’ rubberized handles ensure their firm grip.

    3. Tasers


    The taser is an effective self-defense stun gun that lets you incapacitate the attacker from a distance of up to 15 feet. Their look reminds you of a regular gun; however, they have an improved aiming mechanism. Their action is based on paralyzing our central nervous system and limiting our muscle control. They usually come with two live cartridges, removable battery, and a conductive target.

    What Should You Pay Attention To When You Choose a Stun Gun?

    You should make a responsible choice when you choose a stun gun, as your safety and sometimes life depends upon it. So, what factors should be taken into account when making that decision?

    First of all, you need to decide whether you need to buy a direct contact stun gun or a stun gun that shoots its prongs from a distance. If you decide in favor of a direct contact stun gun, you have to actually touch your assailant with the contact probes of your stun gun. While using a stun gun you can aim at and immobilize your foe from a distance first, and then finish him up with direct contact. However, you need to remember that when you shoot a stun gun from a distance, you are given just one chance to hit him. So if it happens that you miss, you will most likely become confused and uncertain on how to proceed with your self-defense. If you do not rely on shooting from a distance and keep your direct contact stun gun handy, you have a more specific plan of action on how to defend yourself if the need arises.

    Second of all, you need to take into account the possible dimensions of a stun gun. You have to make a choice between a wide variety of sizes and shapes ranging from heavy stun batons to compact disguised stun gun models that can be easily stored in a purse. You should keep in mind that the way a stun gun looks does not influence its effectiveness and ability to defend you.

    Thirdly, pay attention to the stun gun’s power source. It can be powered either by a disposable battery or a rechargeable battery that can be either built in or removable. When you use a disposable battery, you do not have to worry about down time necessary to charge your stun gun. However, disposable batteries can be costly. Using rechargeable batteries saves you your expenses.

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