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Simple Guide to Women's Self Defense

Self-defense at its finest

Men are stronger than women by nature, they have more strength, majority of them has higher ability to perform difficult tasks, and they can protect themselves more than lots of women can. This is the reason why women became the best targets of thieves, murderers, and many unlawful people and those who do not have the ability or the right equipment to protect them, become the victims. Nobody wants to be a victim of any of these unlawful acts but ask yourself a question. What will you do if one of those unfortunate events happens to you? Are you ready?

There are lots of self-defense equipment nowadays but not all of them are truly helpful and reliable. Two of the most recommended self-defense for women are using mini stun guns and pepper sprays. These are considered as the best self-defense for women because it is easy to use and portable that they can easily put it inside their bag and they are good to go. However, not all pepper sprays and mini stun guns work well and choosing the most effective product is absolutely important because these equipment can either save you or put you in danger if it does not work properly in times of need. 

Here are some of the finest Stun guns for ladies that you can rely on and are highly functional:

  • Gladiator Ultra High Power Stun Gun with Safety Pin – This awesome stun gun is powerful enough to make your assailant feel disoriented, confused, and loses balance in just a single blow. You can use this time to run, ask for help, or restrain the attacker. It also has multipurpose LED flashlight, which you can use to lighten up a dark place or even blind your assailant temporarily so you can run and ask for help. It has a safety pin for additional security, rechargeable battery, and lifetime warranty.
  • Terminator Max Power Police Stun Gun with Ear – This stun gun provides maximum protection by altering the connection between your attacker’s brain and muscles with just a single blow. This will literally put him on his knees because of muscle weakness and no ability to move in few minutes. It also have ear-piercing alarm feature so you can easily get the attention of those around you and make your attacker go away. It also has LED flashlight and lifetime warranty. It is certainly a great female self-defense.
  • Streetwise Sting Ring 18,000,000 Stun Gun Quatrefoil – This is perhaps the best and highly recommended stun guns for ladies because it is so fast and easy to use. It has a patent pending design, which makes it unique and easier to conceal, your assailant would not even think that it is for self-defense because he will only see a ring like appearance, but under your grip lies the part where you can effortlessly squeeze to deliver a shock that is enough to make your assailant weak for few minutes. No need to turn on a switch, just squeeze it and you are sure to have instant protection.

Here are also some of Women’s pepper sprays that work exceptionally:

  • Lab Certified SW 18 ¾ oz Round Perfume Spray – It is also known as the element of surprise from the packaging up to the content of this product because it looks like a bottle of sweet perfume but it can absolutely incapacitate your assailant for up to 45 minutes. It has UV dye for identification purposes.
  • Lab Certified Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray. ½ oz. Hard Case – This is the most portable pepper spray since you can just clip it with your keys, belt, or bag for fast and easier usage in times of need. This small spray can also weaken your assailant up to 45 minutes. It also has UV dye for identification.
  • Cheetah OC18 Keychain Mace Pepper Spray with Pink Holster – This contains 18% Oleoresin Capsicum that can disable your assailant for up to 30 minutes. It sprays a distance of 12 feet so you can use it even if your assailant is still a few feet away. It comes with pink holster so you can clip it and use it easily. You can also identify your assailant later on because it has UV dye.

Do not be a victim of any unlawful acts, protect yourself and always be ready by using one of these powerful self-defense equipment to ensure personal safety and protection.

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