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How to choose Flashlight Stun Guns?

How to choose Flashlight Stun Guns?

Flashlight Stun Guns are an Effective Way to Protect Yourself from Thugs

Flashlight stun guns are in high demand among a wide array of available self-defense weapons. Being
light, compact, and functional, they are effective in protecting their owners from adversaries and serving
as an extra source of light in the nighttime.

Main Advantages of the Flashlight Stun Guns

Flashlight stun guns have certain advantages in comparison with other means of self-defense. These are
the main ones:
  • It is possible to use them in closed spaces
  • It is easy and fast to change from flashlight mode to stun gun mode
  • Powerful electric discharge allows you to neutralize an adversary belonging to any weight
  • category
  • Hit resistant body prevents possible mechanical damage
  • Compact size allows for easy transportation and storage
  • Ability to exert psychological pressure with ear - piercing alarm and blinding light
Modern flashlight stun guns are effective self-defense weapons. You do not need to have a Concealed
Carry Permit in most jurisdictions to purchase and store them. Reasonable pricing makes purchase of
these must have devices within reach of almost anybody.

Main Types

Nowadays, there is a wide array of designs available on the market. These are the most common
  • Appearance: from classic rectangular shapes to numerous disguised models looking like lipstick,
  • pen, brass knuckles etc.
  • Size: they range anywhere from 3” to 10”
  • Body material: plastic or high grade aluminum alloy
  • Rechargeable Battery type: built-in or removable
  • Contact probe shape and type; invisible prongs along the stun gun’s perimeter; flat, wide prongs
  • that ensure firm contact with the surface you press the stun gun against; sharp prongs that can
  • collect DNA samples when pressed against the assailant
  • Flashlight modes: high, low, strobe

Things to Consider at the Time of Flashlight Stun Gun Purchase

Please do not take the purchase of a flashlight stun gun lightly, as your life may depend on this device in
certain situations. You are not buying it to entertain yourself. It is supposed to protect you any time, day
or night. Please pay attention to the following characteristics:

1. Operating time: the longer your stun gun can work before its battery runs out of juice, the better
2. Size: if you plan to carry a flashlight stun gun around every day, you will most likely prefer smaller
models. However, safety officers, firefighters, and hunters will probably go for bigger, heavy duty
3. Some models come with holsters, which turn out to be very useful, as you can attach them to your
belt and they can help you prevent accidental drops.
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